11th International Congress of Spring Industry 2023

In Barcelona, Spain. September 29th, 2023.



On the following pages you will find the registration forms for both congress participants, accompanying people and sponsorship. Please choose below if you are a congress participant with or without accompanying person or sponsorship.

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After you have submitted your personal details with or without an accompanying person, and chosen your ticket and/or social program, please press the NEXT STEP button to continue to the confirmation selecting the different options of the participation and payment section.
Please take note, if you are attending as a participant to the Congress and want to assist to any Ticket option (example: Welcome dinner), you need to select 1 Ticket and if your spouse/partner is coming to any activity or any dinner, you must select 2 Tickets. (Except Dinner in Can Travi Nou which is already included ONLY for the Congress Participants). Once having booked your accommodation, selected your preferences and optional activities and have read the terms & conditions/ Policy Data Protection, please send the form back to: [email protected]

Following successful registration, you will receive an email with the registration details.

Thank you!

VISA, Mastercard or Amex has an extra cost of 3%. All the prices have the 21% VAT

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Should you be unable to register for the congress or there is any other doubt at the moment of payment on the website, please contact the ASEMU.

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